Jun 6, 2013

#252 - HONGKONG - Yetta

A wonderful Card from Hongkong - sent by Yetta by the end of May.

May 14, 2013

#251 - RUSSIA - Jachenka

A Card from Tula. Russia is such a big Country I always have to google for the cities i'm getting cards from :)
So Tula seems to be in the South of Moskva about 180km. I bet thus is not much for russian citziens but for us Swiss - you know ;)

Switzerland to the rest of the world tag - jachenka

Apr 9, 2013

#250 - RUSSIA - dusi

A funny Card from dusi! I love Coffee and Tea a lot - so this card is really perfect for me!

Mar 25, 2013

249 - RUSSIA - murmurmur

Another Russian tag Card - this time from MurMurMur which has a absolute wonderful handwriting!

thank you so much for sharing that mailboxes with me! Also i've never seen those stamps before! thank you!

Mar 18, 2013

#248 - RUSSIA - dusi

It's time to reanimate that Blog - had some messages asking me why i'm not continue - so here we go :)

card is from the postal-shop in russia