Oct 31, 2010

#233 - ITALIA - phabietto

A nice card for my maxicard collection!
I loved Giro d'Italia when i was a little girl - sitting with my dad in front of the TV. That were just our hours - none else! ooo i miss him!

And also on this card no postmarks :(

Oct 30, 2010

#232 - UNITED KINGDOM - andyb

The cards are coming in one by one - so nice to update this blog regularly. Somedays i have the impulse to post all my received cards - but hey i'm even not able to keep updated my flickr account, where ALL my cards are scanned... http://www.flickr.com/photos/zasa/

The Picasso card above was sent by andy. Unfortunately i got many unstamped cards in the last time - thats so sad! As more postmarks it has i'm more than happier...

But anyway: Thank you andyb for taking me back to my years at the Artschool ;)

Pablo Picasso - Le déjeuner sur l'herbe, 1960

Oct 28, 2010

#231 - GERMANY - timur_leng

 WOW! was für eine geniale Karte! Vielen herzlichen Dank für das Stück Kunst, dass du mit mir teilst! Ich mag die Karte sehr :D
Die Frau Abadi-Odebrecht vor floraler Tapete in frischem Grün

Oct 26, 2010

#230 - POLAND - skrana

A card from my favourites! Thank you very much - skrana!
I love squirrels and i think the English name absolutely represents the art of this animal... Eichhörnchen (in German) is the most boring word i've ever heard! :)

Oct 23, 2010

#229 - NETHERLANDS - lotty

lotty, original from Belgium, sent me this fabulous free ad card from a Dutch-meeting in Zwolle. Thank you very much, even i like more scenic cards for this tag/blog i enjoy receiving typography cards :) Thank you very much!

Oct 15, 2010

#228 - UNITED KINGDOM - claire

Today i got a wonderful card from Wales.
Wales is a region/Country in the United Kingdom Area. England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.
I'm not really sure if they have their own Parliament, but i don't think so. :) so i'll put the card in the United Kingdom or GreatBritain section :)
Really! i know i'm such a noop! But i never feel confident about this. maybe someone can explain it?
Mynydd Wysg, Brecon Beacons, Wales
card was sent by claire

Anyway: The great card was sent by claire who was superfast! Thank you very much for the beautiful landscape view, which i adore for this tag! 
The card shows a snatch from the Brecon Beacons National Park 

location of the national Parc

Oct 14, 2010

#227 - RUSSIA - evgenia

This card i received today (28.10.2010) unfortunately the sender - evgenia - didn't wrote what we can see on it. Also i can't read the russian alphabet - so no chance to get more informations about the topic. :(

Oct 13, 2010

#226 - RUSSIA - tens

I'm really not sure under which country i should deposit this card? mmm...

the card was sent by tens, who is originally from Belarus. The card was written in Belarus on a meeting (the 3rd one in minsk), the stamp is also a belarusian one - BUT the card shows St. Petersburg which is in Russia.
Sad! I don't like that much cards which aren't from the country the stamp is from... BUT anyway! I like the card very much! It's full of nice words and quotes! not just the signatures from the postcrossers!
Thank you very much to Tens who sent me the card. And to Csigat_Snail, Sergei, KAteR, OksaFoksa and exmellie for your kind words!

The Kriukov Canal. The St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral of the Epiphany
The architecture of Naval St Nicolas Cathedral of the Epiphany combines baroque style with elements of traditional Russian architecture. The Cathedral, designed by architect S. Tchevakinsky in 1753-62 and sanctified in 1760, is one of the most beautiful churches in St Petersburg.
The Cathedral was named after St Nicolas Chudotvotetz (Wonder Worker). It became a kind of memorial in honor of the lost seamen.
Naval St Nicolas Cathedral is one of few cathedrals that were not closed in the Soviet period.

Oct 12, 2010

#225 - MALAYSIA - nisnoopy3

A wonderful and interesting card from nisnoopy3

One of Kuala Lumpur's  top shopping complexes

I really adore this view of the Petrona twin towers! Did you saw Entrapment with Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones? I always think of this Film when i saw a picture from those Skyscrapers... 11 years ago... wow how the time flies!

Oct 11, 2010

#224 - POLAND - goosik

received this wonderful card during the last few days! Yes my Recived but not registered box is full! OMG! Had a lot to do this evening, while my bf is on the vine trade fair. You need to know: He's originally from the southwetsern part from Switzerland (where all the big mountains are) calling Kanton Wallis. It's not a myth! i can tell you - they drink with a good sip! So it's totally normaly that he is ther on this trade fair, where you can degustate vine for free. I myself don't drink any alcohol, so whats better than stay at home with my beloved cards! :)
But back to the main theme!

The card was sent by Goosik who's living in Poland, not where the card is from but she brought it from her vacations.
It shows the famous Morze Battyckie and when i can remember right i once get quite a similar card from this region.


Oct 10, 2010

#223 - JAPAN - tinktink0302

A card from my all time favourite country Japan!
The card was sent by tinktink who lives in Tokyo - but sent a card from a pagoda in kyoto.
To be honest i'm really not sure if i visited this one. Kyoto is full of pagodas and shrines and temples... really too much for 3 days :) Weeeee that was a great time! Just browsed through our photos we take... one is this, which i'd like to show you!

Me (first row with the purple scarf), my family in law and the best friends from my brother in law.
somewhere in kyoto :)

Well i love every single card from Japan, coz they always evoke great time, great pleasure, great and nice hospitality, nice food and and and...

Yasaka Pagoda, Kyoto
The pagoda rests on a bank in Eastern Kyoto. At 46 meters high, the temple stands out as a landmark of the city. Located between the Yasaka Shrine and the Kiyomizu Temple, the Pagoda is surrounded by residental buildings. The Pagoda also has a small traditional well attended garden at its base. 

Oct 9, 2010

#222 - CHINA - jelcyel

What a boring postcard! 
The ceramic art of XinYiChen

But the stamps are just hilarious!

Do you see the golden one?
The Universal Postal Union is an international organization that coordinates postal policies among member nations, and hence the worldwide postal system. Each member country agrees to the same set of terms for conducting international postal duties. The Universal Postal Union's headquarters are located in Bern, Switzerland.
Also the UPU Monument which was built on the 4th of october 1909 - the day of my birthday - sure i'm not as old as this monument :) In the UPU Monument (Weltpostdenkmal) in Bern, bronze and granite, by René de Saint-Marceaux, the five continents join to transmit messages around the globe

many countries has stamp issues with the monuiment as motiv.
Last year i.e. Switzerland had a joint issue with France.

Look at this page for the full history about this monument and stamp issues! --> http://www.artonstamps.org

Oct 8, 2010

#221 - UKRAINE - snowyflake

Snowyflake send me this wonderful view over the bay from Gurzuf in the Autonomous Republic Crimea from Ukraine.

GURZUF - Ayu-dag (BearMountain)

The mountain Aju-Dag (in translation from Turkish it means the Bear-mountain) is one more symbol of the Crimea. This mountain on the outlines is similar to a bear drinking water from the Black sea.

The legend tells about huge bears lived here long ago. Once a little girl has got to these bears. She remained to live with bears. They liked to listen to her singing. The little girl has grown up. Once, when bears went away on hunting, the young man came there and saw a beautiful girl. He took her away. Bears, trying to return fugitives, began to drink water.

Then the girl started singing. The bears fascinated by singing lifted heads and only the main bear immersed his muzzle in the sea more deeply and finally he hardened with grief peering in a sea distance


Oct 7, 2010

#220 - CROATIA - smile4you

How could i don't miss this Tag?
I love receiving cards - scan them and browse through the Inet to find some more informations. But to be honest - right now i'm jobless, so i have plenty of time to do things like this :)

Today (20.10.2010) i received the card which was sent by smile4you in Croatia.

typical Istrian Houses
The card shows typical Istrian Houses - Istria is the famous peninsula from Croatia. Very popular by Swiss Tourist. I've never been there so far. But we're planing to visit Slovenians and Croatia's Beaches next summer on our Road Trip :)

Oct 6, 2010

#219 - DENMARK - Gforp

Gforp's card is the first one in the new CH to world tag season.
That was quite quick and i love his handwriting. Just missed cards from him ;)

He sent me a wonderful one! Matching more than one of my preferences! Green, Moon, Staircases and he used the Europa issue from this year!

Thank you so much for this absolute stunning card!

While i was Browsing through the internet, finding some more informations about the card i discovered so many nice, antique illustrations. Did i already tell you that i love old technical things?
Original-Titelblatt Voyage au centre de la terre von Édouard Riou

Posteurope - 2010 - Danmark

Oct 5, 2010

#218 - PHILIPPINES - ???

The card was sent in December 2007 - unfortunately with no nickname on it - so sad! i can't remember from who i received it!
The card shows the perfect volcano Mayon in the Philippines - he's the most active volcano of the isles and has a perfect cone.

Southern Luzon most famous landmark is mighty Mt. Mayon with 44 eruptions the most active volcano in the Philippines.

Mount Mayon in eruption on July 21, 1928.

Mayon Volcano in eruption on December 29, 2009.

Also the stamp is really intersting - not the butterflies - nono they are common and we all know them - No look to the Scout stamp.
The sender wrote: Actually, it isn't use for mail purposes even though it is P2(?) you can include it in the mail but it's value its not counted. It is exclusive for collecting only ... every stamp that one will buy will serve as a donation to tuberculosis foundation!
 Unfortunately i can't found any further informations in the internet...

Oct 4, 2010

#217 - RUSSIA - pechenuga

Like #216 i received this card yesterday on my Russian Day! The card was sent by pechenuga and shows a metro station in Moscow too!

Prospekt Mira Metro Station (Kol'tsevaya Line / Circle) 1951
Prospekt Mira metro station is located on the Moscow Metro's Koltsayeva Line and was built in the 1950s. The design of the station has a botanical-agricultural theme, a patterned ceiling, and checkered floor tiles.

Opening date: 30.01.1952
The station was opened as a part of a line section between Kurskaya and Belorusskaya stations.

Station design: three-vaulted pylon-type deep-level station built to the standard project.

Station architects: V.Gelfreikh, М.Minkus
Design engineer: B.Prikot
   The theme of the station décor is the development of agriculture in the USSR. The pylons of the station hall are faced with light-coloured marble and adorned by bas-reliefs (sculptor G.Motovilov). The frieze represents a ceramic bas-relief in the shape of leaves and a vine. The track walls are faced with dark red marble and the floor is paved with black and grey granite.
   The passageway from the station to Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya line was opened in 1958.
   The ground-level vestibule is located inside the Metrostroy multi-storey residential building on Prospekt Mira (architect A.Arkin). The front of the vestibule is adorned with sculptures and an original clock, and the interior features a smalt mosaic Mother of the World (artist A.Kuznetsov).
   Exit to: Prospect Mira
 Thank you very much for this additional Metro Card!

Oct 3, 2010

#216 - RUSSIA - SixthSense

Yesterday i had a Russia Day! 5 cards on one Day from the same Country.
This one is from the Switzerland tag and was sent by SixthSense!

Vestibule of the Metro Station Vorobiovy Gory 1959, 2002
Built into the lower level of a bridge, it is unique in the city and in the world. At 270 metres in length, the platform is the longest in the system as the station needed to be accessible from both sides of the river. It is also the highest station above ground level at 15 metres, though this is less remarkable since all but a handful of Metro stations are underground. Apart from its dimensions, Vorobyovy Gory is also notable in being the only Metro station with windows.
Opening date: 12.01.1959
The station was opened as a part of line section between Sportivnaya and Universitet.

Station architects: М.Bubnov, А.Markelov, М.Markovsky, А.Ryzhkov, B.Tkhor
Vestibule architects: N.Dyomchinsky, V.Alyoshina
Designers: О.Sergeev, V.Zharkova, I.Zhukov
Station architects (reconstruction): L.Borzenkov, А.Vigdorov, G.Moon, N.Rasstegnyaeva, N.Shumakov, N.Soldatova
Designers (reconstruction): N.Korneeva, Е.Meleshonkova, Е.Belyarova
   Being 284 m in length, the platform of the station is the longest in Moscow metro. The station was built to a unique project. The station is built into the lower level of a bridge that was erected in 1958 (engineers: V.Andreev, N.Rudomazin; architects: Yakovlev, A.Susorov). The 1179-metre long metro bridge was made of reinforced concrete.
   However, the station was closed for passengers on October 20, 1983 as the bridge was plagued by corrosion. From 1986 trains were rerouted to temporary bridges alongside and it was only 19 years later, on December 14, 2002 that the newly renovated station opened to the public again.
   The station has a modern design now. It is faced with white and green marble and the station walls are made of glass. The floor is finished with sandstone plates.

I love Metro Cards! Whenever i visit a big City i try to buy a book or a special Map from it's Metro: So far i have things from Tokyo and Praque. But were also in Berlin, Vienna, Paris, Bruxelles, Barcelona and London. 

And the bridges stamps just fitting the metro Station on a Bridge! SUPER! Thank you very much!

Oct 2, 2010

#215 - LITHUANIA - nevasara

The 1st Lithuanian postcard in this tag/blog!
It shows the second largest river in the country: Neris. 

The River Neris in Lithuania

Neris is a river rising in Belarus, flowing through Vilnius (Lithuania) and becoming a tributary of the Neman River (Nemunas) at Kaunas (Lithuania). Its length is 510 km.
275 km of the river runs through Belarus, where it is called Viliya, and 235 km runs through Lithuania, where it is called Neris.
The Neris connects two old Lithuanian capitals - Kernavė and Vilnius. Along its banks are burial places of the pagan Lithuanians. 25 km from Vilnius are the old burial mounds of Karmazinai. There also are many mythological stones, and a sacred oak.

And wonderful Stamps on it! 
middle left: It's one out of a serie of 3: The Old Ships of Baltic Sea
middle right: It's one out of two in the Olympic Serie: The Olympic Games in Sydney will be the third Summer Olympic Games where our athletes will represent the independent nation of Lithuania. Romas Ubartas, who won the 1992 Barcelona Olympic gold in the discus, symbolizes the return of Lithuania to the Olympic Games.
Lithuanian basketball team won the bronze in Barcelona (1992) and Atlanta (1996). In Australia 62 Lithuanian athletes will compete in 15 kinds of sports such as track-and-field, basketball, boxing, canoe, cycling, gymnastics, judo, modern pentathlon, rowing, sailing, shooting, swimming, table tennis, weightlifting and wrestling.
right:  Nature of the Baltic Sea coast: Lithuania has 99 km of the Baltic sea-coast. Sand dunes are the main relief element of the sea-shore.

#214 - USA - beachyblonde

A funny green card for my collection: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zasa/sets/72157622002751675/
sended from beachyblonde.