Dec 28, 2009

#155 - NETHERLANDS - sophia

Today i have to solve a big puzzle! This card reaches me today, but there was no name on it and no stamp. Well i do understand the word verhuisbericht - verhuiz is move and bericht is something like a dispatch or a bulletin in dutch. Yes i understand sometimes dutch, cos of my swiss dialect, its sometimes very similar - but just sometimes. ;) Please don't write me cards in dutch

#157 - JAPAN - evitayueh


Eine wunderschöne Karte aus Japan. Wie fast immer. Seit ich dort war, bin ich noch viel mehr faszniert von dem Land, der Leute und den fantastischen Landschaften!

#158 - SLOVENIA - anji


#156 - USA - beachyblonde

#153 - CHINA - leeshy

A wonderful calm chines painting card! i really like it - the bamboo. Also the stamps are amazing! Good choice!  Thank you very much!

#154 - CROATIA - goggs

#152 - INDONESIA - shinta

#151 - MALAYSIA - happyiyi86

#149 - CZECH REPUBLIC - misa015

#150 - JAPAN - fadoua


Dec 20, 2009

#145 - UKRAINE - mindanao

A great card for christmas time! Thanks a lot to mindanao - even i'm not really sure what is written on the card?! maybe someone can help me?

#144 - POLAND - olgavn

I love this card! I already loved it when i saw it in the trade album from olgavn, and now as i see it in person i must say that i just love it! Did i say that already? :)
And the best is: i finished today a termpaper about 50 pages with the theme bionic. In a way this picture is very bionical. maybe i should take it for the title page?

#143 - POLAND - orlica

A nice AirView over the Old Town Market and Old Gothic Town Hall from the 14Jh.

 Listed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites since 1997, Toruń has many monuments of architecture beginning from the Middle Ages, including 200 military structures. The city is famous for having preserved almost intact its medieval spatial layout and many Gothic buildings, all built from brick, including monumental churches, the Town Hall and many burgher houses. The Old Town Hall, begun in 1274, extended and rebuilt between 1391 and 1399, and extended at the end of the 16th century; one of the most monumental town halls in Central Europe copied from wikipedia

#142 - POLAND - inkarri

I'm a IKEA-holi, yes i am. :) Everytime i walk directly to the paper and organizing edge to see if they published some new cards. But i always shy away from their card cos i thought, who will love to get some nonviewcards besides me? Well i know i got such a nice card - did you know that i've planed for my thesis work in Art to document the history from the housenumbers in Bern. Strange Idea, i know - i've then photographed every single little object in my flat, everything which is mine! the title was mine, mine, mine. i've putted more than 3000 pics together - a hard work!

#141 - CHINA - florencia


#138 - RUSSIA - katdubna

A wonderful Night view over the Kremlin in Moscow! On the same day i received the kremlin by day

#139 - ESTONIA - jalutaia

A wonderful graphical Art card from jalutaia in Estonia.
The Art is from Ülevi Eljand (1947) and called Aliens in Tallinn (1973)

#137 - RUSSIA - prottanya

#136 - SPAIN - cucutrashhh

#135 - ISRAEL - tangorn


Dec 13, 2009

#134 - CHINA - haomin

Haomin sent me an interesting view of the temple ... For me it's everyday a special view because we don't have such temples in Europa. Ar our Churches the Western Temples? Or can i compare those manifique temples with our castles? I don't think so - a temple is a religous building. castels are just symbols of monarchy - no? i'm not shure at all. the only thing i know is that i was really imperessed last year in japan as i saw all thos different temples.

#133 - UNITED KINGDOM -andyb

An absolut gorgeous old view of Liverpool. I love the 20ies and early 30ies. As a photographer i'm also interested in the exposures of the picture. Did you noticed that this card shows not a common normal sightseeing card perspective? Its totaly crooked. Thats great - i love view who aren't perfect at all. And did you noticed the double decker?