Aug 28, 2007

#38 - SLOVENIA - solecito

Thanks for the nice and beautiful card from the rare country slovenia.

#37 - JAPAN - Ai-h

I like getting mails from Japan. Especialy when they shows typical Japanese buildings or Japanese culture generally.
Thank you very much! Great card!

#36 - HUNGARY - papirhayo

received this card on 1st september.

Thank you very much! It is a realy nice one!

#35 - POLAND - joanna

a realy interesting card from joana again!
She wrote on the backside:
"The Japanese Graden in Wroclaw was first built in the 1910's, destroyed during the second world war was reuilt and renewed in 1996. Once everything was finishes, the flood in 1997 destroyed everything again"

#34 - NETHERLANDS - ann85

The picture on the card isn't my favourite at all. This is an example of multiview i don't liked much. Perhaps its the color? Don't know exact...
BUT the stamps! Girls (and sometimes boys ;)) you make me realy happy with your stamps you choose for me!

#33 - POLAND - Joanna

It's always interesting to see other universities of this big world. Particulary old ones like yours in Wroclaw//Breslau. Located in a interesting city anent to the history!
I realy love such nice cards. I mean multiview isn't my favourite card at all BUT if the card has a stright structure like this one i would realy like it. So don't hesitate to send me multiviews like this!
Thanks to Poland!
And: the stamp :) One more in my Europe-Issue Collection!

#32 - HUNGARY - Ice-H

A card from Budapest with newest modern architecture houses like natianal theater and Artmuseum

#31 - FINLAND -hannanen

What a great card!

Thank you very much! I realy love stamps. So this card is perfect for me!
And i love the color blue!
The stamp on the backside is a new one for my collection!
I love postcrosser who read my profile!
5 stars for you!

#30 - USA - applejacks

I received this card on the 3rd of september.
As i first saw the card i thought: "ooo no i don't like map cards" Should i send it forward to Morgaine? She collect Mapcards how a folish ;)
Well as i sat on the dejéeuner table i looked on the card more precisely. I saw pasadena where swan lives... oooo interesting the death valley and mmmm this and this... :) And after 5 minutes i mst need to say that the card broadens my horizon :) California is realy interesting and i always hear from the cities but never known that they are on this way located in your state!
Thank you very much!
So if anybody want to briaden my horizon as well... ;) joke
And applejacks is one of the great forum users who read the profile from the others! Thank you very much for the super lighthouse stamp!

Aug 22, 2007

#29 - GERMANY - willi

Absolut GREAT!
I like geografical old vintage maps! I like Lighthouses! And i like the design/layout of the card! All things together?
5 stars for you!

#28 - NETHERLAND - Eucalypta

Received this great card last Friday. What a beautiful view! A great house to live in sure!
And the stamp is great! Don't received the netherland issues before... Thank you!

#27 - FINLAND - yomyohan

I think i already received this card last year... mmm i'm not sure... perhaps it is just the funky border on it with another town? But i'm sure that on the other card was written that the promenade is very beautiful... mmm i'm not sure at all. If i'm right that would be the second card in 2 days i received twice since i'm joining postcrossing :P

But girls... did you notice the stamp? Gosh... just beautiful!

#26 - CZECH REPUBLIC - bbodlinka

Received in the late october!
And i'm not really pleased the card is okey yes... And the stamps are Super nice!

#25 - INDONESIA - shakunn__tala

Because of the Earthquakes shakunn send me this beautiful card a bit later than usual. A very nice card with kindly words!

#24 - CANADA - lepmel

Merci beaucoup pur la jolie card qui tu m'envoye.
A realy beautiful card with a special mood on it. The light is diffuse... strange... =)

Thanks a lot! I like this card!

Aug 20, 2007

#23 - GERMANY - xtlera

This card is the highlight!
It is a 3D card. If you move the card you can see the lighthouse by day and by night.
Absolut a great card!
5 stars =)

Look at this Site for further Informations about this cards: mbmSystems

#22 - AUSTRIA - carmen

I love to receive cards from Austria because it's my granmums homecountry. I'm realy intersted in this country, especial in vienna. Vienna is a wonderful town with a lot of culture.
The Picture is nice. But with the trash border?? o-o

Aug 17, 2007

#21 - ESTONIA - muhv

A realy beautiful card! It's for me in the same category like #18 - the one from Danmark. I love such beautiful landscapes in colors like my background on this blog! =)
Just great!
And another thing: i like is the white border on the viewcard, striked me up just now (Can i say striked me up... it sound so mmm...)

#20 - RUSSIA - Lamark

What a beautiful multiview card! Gorgeous. and if i'm faithfull i didn't know that siberia has such nice landscapes. Here in the Western of Europe all think... brrr siberia is cold siberia isn't nice, siberia is strict. Because of the sentence: You need to go to siberia.
I'm a nordic women... So i can imagine for me that i will visit your part once in my live. I'm realy curious....

#19 - HUNGARY - Ice-H

Nice card! Recived in the late October from Ice-H

#18 - DANMARK - christa

The most beautiful card i received through this tag till now!
I just love it! And the dot on the i is the scout stamp!

#17 - SWEDEN - alvhyttan

One of the cards i received from the rare postcrossing country Sweden!
And then a lighthouse. What a luck. The best on this card: The Natinal flag! And the special Art Stamps.

#16 - USA - chri

A realy romantic but also kitschy view. Fortunately the card shows a lighthouse ;)

#15 - RUSSIA - mzebra

A calm view to a loud instrument. Love the detail picture!
The bells plays in the Tower of the Novopassky monastery. Founded in the 18th century.

#14 - USA - leslie1983

A great new modern architecture card from Oklahoma City. I realy love those modern postcards.
This show a national memorial of the bombing tragedy of April 19, 1995. 168 lost their lives.