Sep 8, 2007

#47 - USA - lamborama

Ha a card from NewYork who don't show the liberty girl or the towers or whatever typical tourism sightseeing like. No lamborama decided to show me the countryside of her state. Broaden my horizon as well. Thank you very much and i absolute love sunflowers! Good job ;) joke...

#46 - SPAIN - soniasadin

And the next gorgeous card from soniasadin!
Girl you made my day def! This is exact the style of card i like!
And: I was in the last years a lot in your region. Girona and Figueres. I just love this region. Beautiful and did i always tell you guys that i'm in love with france? This card didn't show a village in spain no no it shows a little village en côte basque! Thank you very much!

#45 - UNITED KINGDOM - bella-owul

Another lighthouse for me! Great! The first one from UK!
With an amazing gorgeous stamp on the back!
Thank you very much i'd relay like to the cards like this!

#44 - FINLAND - laura

#43 - FINLAND - marja_2006

A card from marja_2006 in Finland.
I ask me how much different moriv the finish post printing in this serie of lighthouses :D I received so much from it. The print isn't glossy. The card is a low-end card. MEans it isn't a card with a glossy picture or something like this. But i love the cards.

ooo i just saw that this is pack for 1€! very cheap! And for all who read in this blog: NOW I HAVE ALL MOTIVS! :)

#42 - GERMANY - tee1982


#041 - USA -dietcokemama

A really nice lighthouse multi view card, reaches me during the october, directly from massachusetts.
I like peops who read my wishlist. Thank you very much. Altough the stamp is the USA stamp itself ;)

#40 - HUNGARY - Hanan

What a great card!
I love the mood from it. So cold and full of harmony. water my element. And in the background a bridge. You made my day!
Thank you very much!

#39 - NETHERLANDS - ann85

The second card from ann85 who i received trough this tag!
Thank you very much! And as in the last card i received from her the stamps are realy nice! Thank you!