Dec 6, 2011

#246 - CANADA - suzuri

A wonderful card arrived today from Canada!
I love Aurora Borealis cards - thank you so much dear yan zhou!

Switzerland to the World tag - suzuri

#245 - GERMANY - nordfriesland

Switzerland to world tag - nordfriesland

Dec 4, 2011

244 - FRANCE - doumik

It's been over a Year since my last Post here...
sad... i love to write blog entries and show on my cards, but it's always a hard work to scan the cards and and and... i need to arrange a scanner desk again at home, maybe then i would do this more often...

this card i received from Dominique who's from alsace in France. Even the region is on the boarder to Switzerland and Germany i've never been to strasbourg - that's a blame, isn't it?
i mean i've visited France so many times, but never be in the region direct after the border... maybe i'm doing a daytrip to strasbourg with the christmas market, which has to be very beautiful!

The UNESCO Blog Entry with this card is here, on my other Blog:

Strasbourg – Grande île