Oct 13, 2010

#226 - RUSSIA - tens

I'm really not sure under which country i should deposit this card? mmm...

the card was sent by tens, who is originally from Belarus. The card was written in Belarus on a meeting (the 3rd one in minsk), the stamp is also a belarusian one - BUT the card shows St. Petersburg which is in Russia.
Sad! I don't like that much cards which aren't from the country the stamp is from... BUT anyway! I like the card very much! It's full of nice words and quotes! not just the signatures from the postcrossers!
Thank you very much to Tens who sent me the card. And to Csigat_Snail, Sergei, KAteR, OksaFoksa and exmellie for your kind words!

The Kriukov Canal. The St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral of the Epiphany
The architecture of Naval St Nicolas Cathedral of the Epiphany combines baroque style with elements of traditional Russian architecture. The Cathedral, designed by architect S. Tchevakinsky in 1753-62 and sanctified in 1760, is one of the most beautiful churches in St Petersburg.
The Cathedral was named after St Nicolas Chudotvotetz (Wonder Worker). It became a kind of memorial in honor of the lost seamen.
Naval St Nicolas Cathedral is one of few cathedrals that were not closed in the Soviet period.

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