Oct 4, 2010

#217 - RUSSIA - pechenuga

Like #216 i received this card yesterday on my Russian Day! The card was sent by pechenuga and shows a metro station in Moscow too!

Prospekt Mira Metro Station (Kol'tsevaya Line / Circle) 1951
Prospekt Mira metro station is located on the Moscow Metro's Koltsayeva Line and was built in the 1950s. The design of the station has a botanical-agricultural theme, a patterned ceiling, and checkered floor tiles.

Opening date: 30.01.1952
The station was opened as a part of a line section between Kurskaya and Belorusskaya stations.

Station design: three-vaulted pylon-type deep-level station built to the standard project.

Station architects: V.Gelfreikh, М.Minkus
Design engineer: B.Prikot
   The theme of the station décor is the development of agriculture in the USSR. The pylons of the station hall are faced with light-coloured marble and adorned by bas-reliefs (sculptor G.Motovilov). The frieze represents a ceramic bas-relief in the shape of leaves and a vine. The track walls are faced with dark red marble and the floor is paved with black and grey granite.
   The passageway from the station to Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya line was opened in 1958.
   The ground-level vestibule is located inside the Metrostroy multi-storey residential building on Prospekt Mira (architect A.Arkin). The front of the vestibule is adorned with sculptures and an original clock, and the interior features a smalt mosaic Mother of the World (artist A.Kuznetsov).
   Exit to: Prospect Mira
 Thank you very much for this additional Metro Card!

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