Oct 8, 2010

#221 - UKRAINE - snowyflake

Snowyflake send me this wonderful view over the bay from Gurzuf in the Autonomous Republic Crimea from Ukraine.

GURZUF - Ayu-dag (BearMountain)

The mountain Aju-Dag (in translation from Turkish it means the Bear-mountain) is one more symbol of the Crimea. This mountain on the outlines is similar to a bear drinking water from the Black sea.

The legend tells about huge bears lived here long ago. Once a little girl has got to these bears. She remained to live with bears. They liked to listen to her singing. The little girl has grown up. Once, when bears went away on hunting, the young man came there and saw a beautiful girl. He took her away. Bears, trying to return fugitives, began to drink water.

Then the girl started singing. The bears fascinated by singing lifted heads and only the main bear immersed his muzzle in the sea more deeply and finally he hardened with grief peering in a sea distance


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