Oct 3, 2010

#216 - RUSSIA - SixthSense

Yesterday i had a Russia Day! 5 cards on one Day from the same Country.
This one is from the Switzerland tag and was sent by SixthSense!

Vestibule of the Metro Station Vorobiovy Gory 1959, 2002
Built into the lower level of a bridge, it is unique in the city and in the world. At 270 metres in length, the platform is the longest in the system as the station needed to be accessible from both sides of the river. It is also the highest station above ground level at 15 metres, though this is less remarkable since all but a handful of Metro stations are underground. Apart from its dimensions, Vorobyovy Gory is also notable in being the only Metro station with windows.
Opening date: 12.01.1959
The station was opened as a part of line section between Sportivnaya and Universitet.

Station architects: М.Bubnov, А.Markelov, М.Markovsky, А.Ryzhkov, B.Tkhor
Vestibule architects: N.Dyomchinsky, V.Alyoshina
Designers: О.Sergeev, V.Zharkova, I.Zhukov
Station architects (reconstruction): L.Borzenkov, А.Vigdorov, G.Moon, N.Rasstegnyaeva, N.Shumakov, N.Soldatova
Designers (reconstruction): N.Korneeva, Е.Meleshonkova, Е.Belyarova
   Being 284 m in length, the platform of the station is the longest in Moscow metro. The station was built to a unique project. The station is built into the lower level of a bridge that was erected in 1958 (engineers: V.Andreev, N.Rudomazin; architects: Yakovlev, A.Susorov). The 1179-metre long metro bridge was made of reinforced concrete.
   However, the station was closed for passengers on October 20, 1983 as the bridge was plagued by corrosion. From 1986 trains were rerouted to temporary bridges alongside and it was only 19 years later, on December 14, 2002 that the newly renovated station opened to the public again.
   The station has a modern design now. It is faced with white and green marble and the station walls are made of glass. The floor is finished with sandstone plates.

I love Metro Cards! Whenever i visit a big City i try to buy a book or a special Map from it's Metro: So far i have things from Tokyo and Praque. But were also in Berlin, Vienna, Paris, Bruxelles, Barcelona and London. 

And the bridges stamps just fitting the metro Station on a Bridge! SUPER! Thank you very much!

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