Oct 11, 2010

#224 - POLAND - goosik

received this wonderful card during the last few days! Yes my Recived but not registered box is full! OMG! Had a lot to do this evening, while my bf is on the vine trade fair. You need to know: He's originally from the southwetsern part from Switzerland (where all the big mountains are) calling Kanton Wallis. It's not a myth! i can tell you - they drink with a good sip! So it's totally normaly that he is ther on this trade fair, where you can degustate vine for free. I myself don't drink any alcohol, so whats better than stay at home with my beloved cards! :)
But back to the main theme!

The card was sent by Goosik who's living in Poland, not where the card is from but she brought it from her vacations.
It shows the famous Morze Battyckie and when i can remember right i once get quite a similar card from this region.


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