Oct 5, 2010

#218 - PHILIPPINES - ???

The card was sent in December 2007 - unfortunately with no nickname on it - so sad! i can't remember from who i received it!
The card shows the perfect volcano Mayon in the Philippines - he's the most active volcano of the isles and has a perfect cone.

Southern Luzon most famous landmark is mighty Mt. Mayon with 44 eruptions the most active volcano in the Philippines.

Mount Mayon in eruption on July 21, 1928.

Mayon Volcano in eruption on December 29, 2009.

Also the stamp is really intersting - not the butterflies - nono they are common and we all know them - No look to the Scout stamp.
The sender wrote: Actually, it isn't use for mail purposes even though it is P2(?) you can include it in the mail but it's value its not counted. It is exclusive for collecting only ... every stamp that one will buy will serve as a donation to tuberculosis foundation!
 Unfortunately i can't found any further informations in the internet...

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