Feb 2, 2010

#203 - RUSSIA - paultry

Look at this absolut gorgeous card Paultry send me via this tag! I'm totaly fascinated about it! The title is: Africa, Botswana, Aerolandscape. And was taken by Sergey Yastrzhembsky - the famous russian statesman. Its funny cause i just saw last week a documentation in culture TV Show on Arte about him. 

So if someone is living nearby - don't forget to see the exhibition!


I would going right know - but i can't even read the address  =D 

Not only the card is interesting and really one of my favorites! no also the stamps, paultry has used!

Top left: The Europa Issue, 2005 - yippieh! (pancake, doughcurl, caviar, samovar)
and on the bottom: The Europa Issue from 2001! (Island Boichol in the Baikallake)

Thank you so much, paultry for this absolut great combination of stamps and card!

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