Aug 28, 2007

#30 - USA - applejacks

I received this card on the 3rd of september.
As i first saw the card i thought: "ooo no i don't like map cards" Should i send it forward to Morgaine? She collect Mapcards how a folish ;)
Well as i sat on the dejéeuner table i looked on the card more precisely. I saw pasadena where swan lives... oooo interesting the death valley and mmmm this and this... :) And after 5 minutes i mst need to say that the card broadens my horizon :) California is realy interesting and i always hear from the cities but never known that they are on this way located in your state!
Thank you very much!
So if anybody want to briaden my horizon as well... ;) joke
And applejacks is one of the great forum users who read the profile from the others! Thank you very much for the super lighthouse stamp!

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